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1. Draw the Shannon model of the communication channel and briefly explain function of each
2. Function of the channel coder, errors correction and detection
3. Function of the modulator, property of the modulated signal
4. Basic characteristics of the message source
5. Redundancy and irrelevancy
6. Source coding, differences between lossy and lossless compression
7. Definition of the BER
8. Classification of the errors in radio communication channels
9. Coding and decoding of the linear block codes
10. Error detection and error correction capability of linear block codes
11. Property of the polynomial codes
12. Main principle of the convolutional codes
13. Interleaving
14. ARQ
15. Multiplexing method
16. Multiple access
17. Spread spectrum methods
18. Property of the spread spectrum communication
19. Sensitivity and selectivity of the radio receiver
20. Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver TRF
21. Super heterodyne receiver
22. Direct conversion receiver
23. Classes of the power amplifier, efficiency and linearity

Lectures File Fundamentals of radio communication

Fundamentals of radio communication

File Channel coding

Channel coding

File Digital modulations

Digital modulations

File Spread spectrum

Spread spectrum

File Radio receivers and transmitters

Radio receivers and transmitters

File DVB-T


File Radio Systems

Radio Systems

Practices File Handout from seminars - sampling and quantization

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File Handouts from seminars - Radiocomm, Noise - only pages 1-8 from this document for the course

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