Topic Name Description
File Examination Question - download doc

Exam questions

Lectures Page Syllabus - lectures

Syllabus - lectures

File En_01Introduction.pdf

Intro lesson

File En_02Radar Equation.pdf

Second lesson slides

File En_03_Signals.pdf

Third lesson slides

File En_04_DoppDetection.pdf


Training courses Page Syllabus - seminars

Syllabus - seminars

File En_Ex_01_BasicParameters.pdf

8th seminar

File En_Ex_02RangeCoverage.pdf

Range calculus examples - updated description of quantities

File En_Ex2_ReferenceCalculus.xlsx

"Solution" of 2nd seminar example - spreadsheet, limited comments

File En_Ex_03Compress.pdf

Third seminar file

File SRecA.mat

Data file A (mat)

File SRecB.mat

Data file B (mat)

File GenDataFiles.m

Genertion of data files

File LFMPuls_0.m

LFMPuls (m)

File Barker13_0.m

Barker 13 puls (m)

File DemoLFM.m

Demo LFM (m)

File DemoBarker.m

Demo Barker 13

File Radar signal primary proc. – Doppler (pdf)
File Doppler processing sample data (mat)
File GenerAndDisplay.m