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  • xxM38PSL - Aircraft and Spacecraft Instrumentation (Aircraft Avionics)

    The subject is focused into a field of aircraft avionics including principles, sensory sets, and signal/data processing methods. The subject goes into details of studied systems, i.e. engine and aircraft monitoring systems, pressure based systems, low-frequency navigation means, and flight recorders. The subject introduces currently used technology and methodology on aircraft and thus serves to understand fundamentals of avionics. Inertial navigation systems are discusses in more details as well as their aiding systems and sensors. Examples of navigation solutions are provided.

    This subject is going to be taught in parallel with the subject BE3M38PSL - Aircraft avionics. Thus spacecraft instrumentation will be omitted and for this particular area of interest it is recommended to check the subject Space Engineering BE3M37KIN.

    Results of the students' review can be found: AE3M38PSL

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