Topic outline

  • AE3M38IND - Individual Project

    The Individual Project precedes work on your diploma thesis. Students are requested to choose his project from the list of diploma work topics offered by Department of measurement in the year of A3M38IND project enrolment. All the offered topics are signed by its guarantees who will assign an appropriate subpart as student's individual project. The project is defended within the department of measurement. For more information see: AE3M38IND

    • Description

      Code: AE3M38IND
      Course full name: Individual project
      Guarantor: Pačes P.
      Credits: 10
      Weekly load: 0 + 3
      Semester: W; Assesment: KZ; Type: AE; Stage: M; Role: P
      Reference in white book:

      • Organization of Individual project

        Dear Students,

        are you interested in PMI, PMT or IND subject? Let us give you some information before you start at our department. You should have prepared, known, and gone through the following points:

        • Write a short description about yourself, your education degree (bachelor, MSc, etc.), short description of your work at home university and what would you like to solve with us.
        • Go through our website. Look at each laboratory, people and their activities and interests then you can get a picture about solved problems here, at our department.

        Link: Department of Measurement:, see Labs and Staff items.
        •    Choose from our offer of semester works, bachelor thesis and diploma thesis. A chosen topic can be adjusted for you. Do not hesitate to offer your own topic!

        Link: see the links below.
        •    After you finish short description of yourself and select topic which suits you, send the short description and cooperation proposal letter to the person who’s name is placed at the end of selected topic. He will be your mentor. Please, do it as soon as possible before of the term starts.
        •    You will solve your task during one term. Be aware, we expect a practical result of your work. The output of your term effort can be a non trivial background literature search, software with written report, hardware design, etc.
        •    We insist on you in order to choose a project topic in advance, at least one week before beginning of new term. You have to contact your mentor as soon as possible and ask for allocation of selected topic.
        •    Also, you are requested to visit your mentor in the first week of the new term!!
        •    In case you will not take care about your duties we will cancel your application for this subject. The aim of this regulation is to establish contact between you and your mentor as soon as possible.

        My task is to provide an advice for you in case you will meet a problem that is over your scope and you cannot solve your problem with your mentor. Also, I will help you only with the PMI, PMT or IND subjects. So, solve your other student problems with student departments at yours or ours university. Please, do not hesitate to contact me, but if you are going to contact me, please, attach all requested information.

        Good luck in your projects.

        Martin Šipoš


        • Presentation in the middle of term

          Dear students,

          the presentation of your individual project results will be tomorrow (12th April at 12:45 in room A3-318). The presentation should show your progress in work.

          The structure of presentation is:
          - 1st slide - Name of project, name of student, email of student, name of leader, email of leader,
          - 2nd slide - Annotation of project - short description of goals of project, particular goals in points,
          - 3rd slide - description of work which was done till now,
          - 4th slide - photos or screenshot of work you have done,
          - 5th slide - conclusion and future plans and work.

          I know, that the presentation is tomorrow, but I hope it is doable because it should be presentation about 5 minutes. To show, what are you doing.

          Thank you very much,

          Martin Šipoš

          • Final presentation

            Dear students,

            this email provides you basic information about finishing of subject Individual project.

            Summarizing of information for students
            Subject is finished by graded assessment. Students obtain assessment based on recommendation of their tutor after short presentation of their results. Presentation cannot be longer than 10 minutes!

            The process is: presentation, discussion, tutor's review.

            Best regards,

            Martin Šipoš