Topic outline

  • BE1M16MAR - Marketing

    The role and functions of the marketing management. Marketing research and marketing information system. Concepts of marketing strategy. The use of product life cycle and portfolio. Marketing-mix. Product and service policy, pricing and contractation policy, communication, distribution. Controlling and audit.

    Teachers: Jana Polášek Filová, Ph.D.

    • Lectures

      1.   Management and marketing
      2.   The marketing concept of the management in the firm
      3.   Marketing research
      4.   The behaviour of demand side and the market segmentation
      5.   Analisis of portfolio and product life cycle
      6.   The strategy product/market
      7.   Product, assortment and service policy
      8.   Innovation, differentiation, variation
      9.   Contractation policy, pricing
      10.   Communication policy - publicity, advertising etc.
      11.   The choice of distribution channels and sales
      12.   The choice of marketing strategies
      13.   Marketing-mix
      14.   The role and organisation of marketing in the firm
    • Training courses

      1.   Managerial circle, management tools
      2.   Management concept, marketing concept
      3.   Marketing research - forms and methods
      4.   The choice of research methods
      5.   Inquiring, results evaluation
      6.   Strength/weakness analysis
      7.   The product life cycle
      8.   Product portfolio
      9.   The firm`s assortment policy
      10.   Pricing
      11.   The choice of advertising media
      12.   Marketing strategy, marketing-mix
      13.   Final test
      14.   Evaluation, credit
      • References

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