Topic outline

  • AE0M13MKV - Advanced Components of Power Electronic

    Power semiconductor device (diodes, BJTs, thyristors, MOSFETs and IGBTs) and integraed structures (modules). Structures, function, characteristics and parameters, conditions for reliable operation. Connection of devices in parallel and in series. Operating reliability of power components and equipments.

    Lessons (laboratories) start at 16:15 (4:15 PM) in the room T2:E1-3c (old marking "H3") in the ground floor of Hall laboratory building. Lessons are compulsory, only excused absences are accepted. English course can be merged together with the czech version of the same course (A0M13MKV) and both courses are provided in the same room at the same time. Lessons are prepared and leaded by Jiří Hájek, lectures are prepared by prof. Benda.

    English literature:

    [1] Benda, V., Gowar, J., Grant, G. A. Power Semiconductor Devices. J.Wiley & Sons, Chichester. 1999.
    [2] Baliga, J. Power Semiconductor Devices. Boston: PWS Publishing Company. 1995.
    [3] Moodle website: AE1B13VST course.

  • Week 1

    Lecture 23. 2. 2016: Introduction to power semiconductors, basic physical principles.
    Laboratory 23. 2. 2016: Organization, safety rules in laboratory T2:E1-3.

  • Week 2

    Lecture 1. 3. 2016: Power diodes (static and dynamic characteristics)
    Laboratory 1. 3. 2016: Introduction to measurement in power engineering, seminar session and basic static and dynamic parameters of power diodes and thyristors.

  • Week 3

    Lecture 8. 3. 2016: Power P-I-N diodes. Fast recovery diod with small commutation charge.
    Laboratory 8. 3. 2016: Measurement of reverse (off-state) parameters of diodes and the temperature dependance.

  • Week 4

    Lecture 15. 3. 2016: Schottky diodes.
    Laboratory 15. 3. 2016: Measurement of the on-state (forward) parameters of diodes and temperature dependence.

  • Week 5

    Lecture 22. 3. 2016: BJT and Thyristors (SCR).
    Laboratory 22. 3. 2016: Reverse recovery of power diodes, commutation and dynamic parameters.

  • Week 6

    Lecture 29. 3. 2016: Modern devices with special gate unit (GTO, IGCT).
    Laboratory 29. 3. 2016: Seminar session about tranzistors and explanation for the second block of laboratory tasks.

    • Week 7

      Lecture 5. 4. 2016: Power MOSFETs (VD MOS, T MOS). SJ MOS
      Laboratory 5. 4. 2016: Measurement of the static parameters for BJT and FET tranzistor, temperature dependence.

    • Week 8

      Lecture 12. 4. 2016: IGBT, PT and NPT structures
      Laboratory 12. 4. 2016: Dynamic effects in power circuits with inductances, snubbers.

    • Week 9

      Lecture 19. 4. 2016: Cooling, current limitation, reliable operation.
      Laboratory 19. 4. 2016: Dynamic parameters, turning off/on for FET, BJT, IGBTs.

    • Week 10

      Lecture 26. 4. 2016: Power devices for high frequency (RF LDMOS, HJT)
      Laboratory 26. 4. 2016: Seminar session for cooling and design of power semiconductors.

      • Week 11

        Lecture 3. 5. 2016: Power integrated circuits (PIC), modules (IPM).
        Laboratory 3. 5. 2016: Seminar session for cooling and design of power semiconductors, explanation of thermal resistance Rth and transient thermal impedance Zth.

      • Week 12

        Lecture 10. 5. 2016: To be prepared
        Laboratory 10. 5. 2016: Measurement of the transient thermal impedance.

      • Week 13

        Lecture 17. 5. 2016: Series and parallel conneciton of power devices.
        Laboratory 17. 5. 2016: Visit and tour through ABB Semiconductor factory in Prague.

        During May 2016 we will visit clean production area at ABB Semiconductors., old traditional czech manufacturer of semicoductor ČKD Polovodiče. Factory is placed at Prague 4, Novodvorská street 138a/1768 near the bus stop Jílovská. You can take the bus line no. 196 from Smíchovké nádraží (undeground B) or the bus line no. 106 from Kačerov (undeground C). Our visit is planed to monday the 16th. of May 2016 and will begin at 8:00 in the morning in the entrance of ABB Factory. Please, wait for me at the reception.

        • Week 14

          Lecture 24. 5. 2016: Reliable operation of power devices, defects.
          Laboratory 24. 5. 2016: Assesment, final checking of test reports.

          For awarding of assesment (ungraded) the regular attendance is required (three appologized absences are acceptable) and also reports from all measured tasks. Before awarding of assesment, some discusion about reports will be provided. Assesment must be awarded before the 9th. of September 2016.