Topic outline

  • AE3B02FY1 - Physics 1 for KyR

    The basic course of physics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Physics 1, is devoted to the introduction into two important areas of physics. The first one is a classical mechanics and the second one is the electric and magnetic field. Within the framework of the classical mechanics, the students study the particle kinematics; dynamics of the mass particle, system of mass particles and rigid bodies. The students should be able to solve basic problems dealing with the description of mechanical systems, which they can meet during their further studies. The classical mechanics is followed by the relativistic mechanics, electric and magnetic field - both stationary as well as non-stationary. The students can use the facts gained in this course in the study of electrical circuits, theory of electrotechnical materials or radioelectronics. Apart of this, the knowledge gained in this course is required for the study of the consecutive course Physics 2. 

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