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Targets and function of business, corporation life cycle. Cost classification, cost calculation, cost curves. Profit, production, price and cost relation. Taxes. Financial calculus and investment decision-making. Business plan. Management functions, corporation organizational schemes. Processes and firm management.

1.Corporation and entrepreneurship, targets and function of business, legal forms of business.

2.Business plan - outline, creation, realization. Corporation financial and ownership structure.

3.Assets, liabilities, costs and revenues. Financial reports - structure.

4.Cost classification, calculation methods. Profit, production, price and cost relations.

5.Introduction to financial analysis. Profit division, profitability and productivity.

6.Investment decision-making - marginal and average values. Opportunity cost.

7.Stock, bond, bank loan, leasing. Business loan, bill of exchange.

8.Investment decision-making. Basic criteria (payback period, net present value, internal rate of return). Risk and uncertainty in business.

9.Tax system in CR. Income tax, consumption taxes, VAT.

10.Human resource management. Team management. Manager?s time management.

11.Corporate management, management function. Organisational schemes.

12.Public finance in private business.

13.Information systems in managerial practice.

14.Semestral project - presentation. Reserve.

1.Rules and guides (principles) of seminars, conditions of classified credit (assesment). Entrepreneurship, forms of business.

2.Introduction to financial calculus. Calculus of interest.

3.Accounting. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement - structure and mutual relations.

4.Founder's budget. Semestral project specification. (Assignment of the semestral project). Managerial game.

5.Calculation methods - relations between profit, production, price and costs.

6.Operational leverage, break-even point analysis.

7.Break-even point analysis based on cash-flows. Costs calculation methods.

8.Productivity, profitability, basic financial indicators.

9.Investment decision-making - examples.

10.Finance, investment decision-making (economic effectiveness criteria).

11.Tax and accounting depreciation. Tax shield. Tax documentation.

12.Test. Semestral project handover.

13.Semestral project - presentation, case study - team management.

14.Classified credit assesment. Reserve.

1.Glautier, M.W.E., Underdown, B.: Accounting - Theory and Practice. London 1991

2.International Financial Reporting Standards

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