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This subject presents applications of typical embedded systems, and way, how optimise its design. There are presented blocks and functions embedded system and their use in typical applications (consumer, industrial, automotive,..).

1. Microprocessor and microcontroller in an embedded system, requirements

2. Microprocessors and microcontrollers typically used in embedded systems

3. Application of 8-bit microcontrollers in a deep embedded system

4. Review microcontrollers with 32-bit architecture ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M3

5. Analog Inputs and outputs ( ADC, DAC, filtration, input protection)

6. DSP´s used in embedded systems, their specialised blocks and functions

7. Review basic methods of digital signal processing and their implementation in embedded system

8. Input of a image signal to the embedded system (CMOS image sensor interfacing, DMA controller)

9. Design of embedded system with more microcontrollers, tasks partition

10 Design of a reliable and fault tolerant embedded system

11. Review of application of typical embedded systems

12. Use of embedded system in communication

13. Case study - embedded system design - consumer electronics (digital camera)

14. Case study - design of a data acquisition system

1. Instruments used in laboratory for system development

2. Programs (compiler, debugger, IDE) for ARM9 processor, programms for home work

3. Keyboard and graphical LD interface

4. Supervisory circuit, its use in fault tolerant program

5. Ethernet controller interfacing

6. Co-operation of more controllers

7. Communication using wire less (Zeg Bee)

8. Project specification: embedded monitoring system with signal and reduced image recording

9. Recording using a FLASH memory and a memory card (MMC, SD)

10. Image sensor interfacing

11. Signal digitalisation, ADC, digital signal processing

12. Presentation of an acquired image on LCD and PC

13. User interface design

14. Final evaluation

Balch, M.: COMPLETE DIGITAL DESIGN. A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Electronics and Computer System Architecture, McGRAW-HILL,2004, ISBN: 978-0071409278

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