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The topic of subject is oriented on selected materials and technics which are offering a new properties and facilities to electrical products.New superconductive materials,special pure polymers and their composites,materials with memory of form,inteligent polymers,materials and structures based on nanoparticles.Selected types of beam technics and their use in practice.

A student has to obtain a credit before an examination

Familiarize students with new materials and technologies and their use in electrotechnical products

1.New accesses in application of materials

2.Diagnostic methods used for new materials

3.Properties and behavior of matters at low temperatures

4.Principle of superconductivity, high temperature superconductors (HTS)

5.Manufacturing of supercoductive materials and components

6.Application of superconductivity

7.Structure of polymers and their special properties

8.Composities and their application

9.Inteligent polymers and their application

10.Organic semiconductors

11.Nanostructures and their special properties and behavior

12.Application of nanostructures in electrical products

13.Beam technics

14.Use of laser for record of information

1.Organization of pracical training,assignment of individual tasks

2.Demonstration of equipments and measurement at cryogenic temperatures

3.Measurement of frictionless bearing based on high temperature superconductor (HTS)

4.Measurement of critical temperature of selected types of HTS

5.Nanostructures and nanotechnology - video

6.Demonstration and measurement of plastic components

7.Soldering in protective atmosphere

8.Glued conductive interconnections

9.Testing and measurement of interconnecting structures

10.Demonstration and measurement of LCD

11.Idividual task prezentation - part 1.

12.Idividual task prezentation - part 2.

13.Idividual task prezentation - part 3.


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3. Physica C: Superconductivity, Volumes 392-396, Part 1, October 2003, Pages 719-722

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