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The course deals with Performance Management, which is a follow-up discipline of Business Intelligence. While Business Intelligence is often focused on an explanation why something is happening in some way (reporting and analysis tools) only, performance management as a related discipline (sometimes called Corporate Performance Management) provides the answer to the questions of what and how we should do (modelling, planning , forecasting and what-if analysis) to change the new situation.

Students are first introduced to the concepts of Performance Management (including basics of the Business Intelligence) and architecture solutions from the business perspective. The scope of the problem is demonstrated by using practical case study. In the second part of the course students are working on their semestral projects - specification of initial requirements, analysis of various aspects of the solution, modeling and creating of OLAP cubes. Projects are finished by the presentation of the final output from the business perspective. Individual exercises are designed as tutorials and seminars led by an experienced professional.

The subject is closed by the presentatiopn of students projects in the IBM company. In case of the successful completion of the course graduates receive an IBM internationally recognized academic certificate that confirmes the essential knowledge of the Performance Management and Cognos TM1 technology.

Actual students requirements and study information are presented on the the following webpage: http:// czm.fel.cvut.cz/vyuka/A4M33CPM/default.aspx

The aim of the study is to extend existing knowledge in the field of data processing. While the database courses are focused on a database table view (database model), Corporate Performance Management is focused on the data cube view, which is the base of the Business Intelligence. The study is primarily focused on practical applications with regard to the business user, which is a major user of Performance Management applications. Students will learn the whole process of application creation - starting with the understanding of the problem, continuing with the design and realization of the business user what-if application and finally, presentation of all solution benefits for business users.

1. Subject and Corporate Performance Management Introduction

2. Data processing from transactions to data cubes, OLAP, ETL, data marts, Business Intelligence

3. Introduction to what-if applications (profitability, cost allocation, ...)

4. What-if analysis in practice

5. Introduction to CPM Technology

6. Introduction to CPM Technology

7. Reserve

1. Introduction to CPM Technology in Practice

2. Demonstration of the specific real problem focused on the CPM and student projects (invited real typical business user), how to understand the real problem, realize it and use by normal users

3. Test, Introduction to Semestral Projects

4. Consultation of students projects

5. Presentation of the analytical part of the students projects - checkpoint

6. Consultation of students projects

7. Final students projects presentations

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