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The subject is focused on an introduction of 1st term students (Bc. study) to the field of communication and multimedia technology and electronics. This field is very broad and offers to students multidisciplinary (interdisciplinary) education. At the beginning of study it is important to inform students about different parts. The task is to do it in popular and acceptable form and show the most important parts of this very broad industrial and research branch. The area is covered by five departments providing educational and research inputs. This interdisciplinary subject demonstrates as an introduction to study expected job opportunities in IT, assistive, biomedical and other technologies.


2.Topic 1.: From transmitter to receiver - wireless transmission channel, lines, antennas, wave propagation (K13117)

3.Topic 2.: Wireless communication systems - modulations, coding, signal processing, , RF functional blocks, transmitters, receivers. Radar, navigation. (K13137)

4.Topic 3.: Future of fixed and mobile telecommunication networks (K13132)

5.Topic 4.: New approach and abilities of radiocommunication services and their security (K13117)

6.Topic 5.: Electronic circuits at recent electrical engineering (amplifiers, filters, converters) typical applications (K13131)

7.Topic 6.: Sensors and actuators as electronic components and their exploitation (K13134)

8.Topic 7.: Local and global data networks (K13132)

9.Topic 8.: Selected applications of signal processing (man-machine communication, biological signals) (K13131)

10.Topic 9.: Sensing and recording of sound, image and video, ozvučovací systémy, room acoustics, digital photography, 3D image, digital cinema (K13137)

11.Topic 10.: Printed circuit design and power supplies for electronic systems (K13134)

12.Demonstrations of practical applications - communication systems

13.Demonstrations of practical applications - ASICs, multimedia technology, biomedicine and assistive technologies



2.Electrical engineering basics I. - seminar

3.Electrical engineering basics II. - seminar

4.Lab - Topic 1.(K13117)

5.Lab - Topic 2. (K13137)

6.Lab - Topic 3. (K13132)

7.Lab - Topic 4. (K13117)

8.Lab - Topic 5. (K13131)

9.Lab - Topic 6. (K13134)

10.Lab - Topic 7. (K13132)

11.Lab - Topic 8. (K13131)

12.Lab - Topic 9. (K13137)

13.Lab - Topic 10. (K13134)


Introduction to EECS II. (C.G. Sodini, C.J. Terman, M.H. Perrot, H. Balakrishnan), MIT, USA, 2007


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