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Foundation course of automatic control. Introduction to basic concepts and properties of dynamic systems of physical, engineering, biological, economics, robotics and informatics nature. Basic principles of feedback and its use as a tool for altering the behavior of systems and managing uncertainty. Classical and modern methods for analysis and design of automatic control systems. Students specialized in systems and control will build on these ideas and knowledge in the advanced courses to follow. Students of other branches and programs will find out that control is a inspiring, ubiquitous and entertaining field worth of a future cooperation.


2.System Modeling

3.Dynamic Behavior

4.System Properties



7.Root Locus

8.Frequency domain methods

9.State space methods

10.Polynomial methods

11.Digital Control

12.Robust Control

13.Nonlinear Systems

14.More Complex systems

1.Safety and other rules, Introduction to lab experiments

2.Software: Matlab, System Control Toolbox, Polynomial Toolbox, Simulink 3.Nonlinearity and linearization

4.Systems, models, identification, analysis

5.Lab assignment - Identification

6.Lab assignment - Identification and analysis

7.Practical controller design

8.Lab assignment - Control design

9.Lab assignment - Control design

10.Presentation of the lab assignment result

11.Discrete-time systems and models

12.Simulation assignment

13.Presentation of the simulation assignment result

14.Practical test: Analysis and design


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3.Norman S. Nise: Control Systems Engineering. Wiley; 5 ed. 2007.


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5.Karl J. Aström, Bjorn Wittenmark: Computer-Controlled Systems. Prentice

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