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This course presents the state-of-the-art techniques for digital image and video technology. These techniques and their applications cover almost all areas of technical professions dealing with human interaction. The content of lectures is being updated rapidly and continuously according to a remarkable progress in this field. The course deals with the principal functional blocks of mentioned systems both hardware and software implemented.

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Students acquire knowledge in advanced methods and technology in imaging, including image acquisition, reproduction, processing and optical methods for image processing.

1. Introduction, development of image and video technology

2. Problems of real image gathering systems (CCD, CMOS)

3. Digital photography - functional blocks, image processing

4. Imaging systems of cameras and projectors

5. Advanced image compression techniques

6. Advanced image reconstruction techniques

7. Advanced video recording and postproduction techniques

8. Special image reproduction systems, 3D imaging

9. High Definition TV systems (HDTV, UHDTV)

10. Lighting and flash systems - types, characteristics

11. Advanced digital printing techniques, color management

12. Presentation and projection technology

13. Security and surveillance systems

14. Image technology in astronomy and biomedicine

1. Introduction, seminar on laboratory measurements

2. Measurement of camera noise parameters

3. Measurement on security camera system

4. Measurement of resolution of objective lens

5. Measurement in photography studio, characteristics of lighting system

6. Measurement of colorimetric parameters and color management

7. Processing of color images and video in Matlab

8. Implementation of advanced image reconstruction techniques

9. Controlling video camera from Matlab programming environment

10. Evaluation of resolution of objective lens

11. Calculation of correlated color temperature of light sources

12. Lossy compression techniques of image and video

13. Movement detection in video sequences

14. Assessment, project evaluation

[1] Gonzales, R. C. Digital image processing, Upper Saddle River : Pearson, 2002.

[2] Bovik, A. Handbook of Image and Video Processing, Elsevier Academic Press, New York, 2005.

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