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The goal of the course is to give a basic overview of current and perspective wireless communication systems used for data transmission, especially for students of field Web Technologies and Multimedia. Limits and possibilities of systems are discussed in lectures and seminars, in respect of multimedia content - mainly voice, audio, video, data (internet). Students are sequentially met with terrestrial - mobile and stationary - communication systems and with satellite links. The lectures also include topics about interactivity and convergence. The exercises are laboratory ones, important for understanding all the themes.

No prerequisites.

Materials at http://radio.feld.cvut.cz/personal/dobes2/dobes.en.pdf

For the students of Web and Multimedia, to give fundamental information about modulation methods and radio devices for the wireless communication.

1. Frequency bands for wireless communication.

2. Radio link - types, characteristics, calculations.

3. Devices for terrestrial wireless communications.

4. Measurement on wireless communication systems.

5. Multimedia applications requirements in wireless communication.

6. Terrestrial broadcasting, DVB-T (audio, video, internet), DVB-H, terrestrial stationary links.

7. Short distance terrestrial mobile networks - PAN (Bluetooth, UWB), WLAN (WiFi).

8. Long distance terrestrial mobile networks - WMAN, WWAN.

9. Cellular networks 2G and 3G - GSM, UMTS.

10. Devices for satellite communications.

11. Satellite broadcasting, satellite communication services.

12. Navigation systems.

13. Interactivity in wireless communication and convergence of the systems.

14. Reserve.

1. Guide to the laboratory, safety of work.

2. Rules at communication system measurement.

3. Instruments for communication measurement.

4. Microwave link measurement.

5. Measurement on analog-digital converter, sampling theorem.

6. Measurement on PAN (Bluetooth) - centralized system.

7. Measurement on PAN (Bluetooth) - AdHoc system.

8. Monitoring the GSM/UMTS radio interface - data rates.

9. Measurement on digital video broadcasting system - data rates.

10. Measurement on digital video broadcasting system - multimedia applications.

11. Measurement on satellite receiver.

12. Measurement on satellite navigation receiver.

13. Signal simulator of satellite navigation systems.

14. Credits.

1. Sun, Y.: Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems, IEE, 2004.

2. Rohde, L. U. - Whitaker, J. R.: Communication Receivers, McGraw-Hill, 1997.

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