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Natural and physical components of the environment e.g. mechanical, electrical, magnetical fields, excited and ionising particles and waste are treated in this course. Measuring systems, methods of measurement and sensors of environmental quantities are dealt with. Many of these methods are practically exercised in laboratories.

Elaboration of reports from measurements. Successfully write a test. More detailed information onhttp://fyzika.feld.cvut.cz/~balek/index.html

To encrease literacy in Environmental Engineering focused to topics interested for electrotechnical engineers

1. Environmental Survey of the Czech Republic and of the World.

2. Environmental Survey of the World.

3. Chemicals in the Environment.

4. Natural Environmental Components: Sun Radiation. Soil. Water. Assessment.

5. Atmosphere. Emission and Immision. Measurement. Monitoring.

6. Waste. Achieving low waste society. Recycling.

7. Spectroscopic Measurement.

8. Mechanical Fields. Noise. Infrasound. Vibration. Measurement

9. Electric and Magnetic Fields. Measurement and Sensors.

10. Excited and Ionised Particles

11. Heat. Thermal Comfort. Measurement. Light. Physiology of Seeing. Colorimetry. Measurement.

12. Ionising Radiation. Measurement and Monitoring.

13. Nuclear Energetics.

14. Environmental Projects. Ecodesign. Environmental Policy Tools. Databases.

1. Polarographic Measurement

2. Measurement of Noise

3. Measurement of Smoked Gases

4. Measurement of Electric Fields of Residual Charges

5. Measurement of Dust

6. Measurement of Magnetic Field Leakage of Industrial Frequencies

7. Declination of Geomagnetic Field

8. Measurement of CO2 in the Air

9. Measurement of Concentration of Charged Particles in the Air

10. Measurement of Light

11. Measurement at waste landfill

12. Measurement of Ozone

13. Measurement of trees root system

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