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The subject describes the basic principles and application of the novel devices for modern optical systems. Students will obtain the basic knowledge in fundamental functional principles of the waveguide optics and optoelectronics, semiconductor lasers and LEDs, semiconductor light detectors, principles of waveguide optics, structures and components for distribution and harnessing of optical radiation, integrated optical circuits and optical sensors. Recent trends in advanced optical communication systems, optical amplifiers, optical multiplexing systems with their components are also mentioned.

1.Optoelectronics and photonics - basic principles

2.Detectors of the radiation

3.Optical radiation sources

4.Optical amplifiers

5.Optical receivers and transmitters

6.Principles of optical waveguides

7.Optical fiber and planar waveguides

8.Absorption optical sensors

9.Interferometer optical sensors

10.Components for distribution and harnessing of optical radiation

11.Integrated optics and optoelectronics

12.Components and circuits for optical communication

13.Components and circuits for optical multiplexing

14.Methods for optical and optoelectronic measurement

1.Optical laboratory, safety regulations

2.Design and optimization of sources and transmitters of optical radiation

3.Design and optimization of detectors and receivers of optical radiation

4.Optical waveguides design 5.Optical waveguides technology

6.Optical transmission system

7.Transmission system design

8. Measurement of sources and transmitters of optical radiation

9. Design and optimization of detectors and receivers of optical radiation

10.Waveguide measurement methods

11.Mesurement on optical interferometers

12.Measurement on optical amplyfiers

13.Measurement on optical senzors

14.Measurement LED pattern. Running assessment

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