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Photovoltaic sources. Operating principles, characteristics. Solar modules, construction and technology. Basic types of photovoltaic systems and their applications. Electrochemical sources of the electric power - overview. Primary cells and accumulators. Methods of accumulator charging. Sources for electrochemical production processes and their control. Automotive applications. Environmental aspects of the electrochemical sources and production processes.

A student has to obtain a credit before an examination

To give students knowledge from the field of Electrochemical Sources and Photovoltaics

1.Photovoltaic cells, basic structure and characteristics

2.Single-crystalline, poly-crystalline and thin film photovoltaic cells

3.Construction and technology of photovoltaic modules

4.Photovoltaic systems - basic types

5.Stand alone PV systems. Grid-on PV systems.

6.Optimisation of PV system operating conditions

7.Present trends, economical and ecological aspects

8.Independent electrochemical power sources. Fundamental terms.Primary cells

9.Accumulators - summary. Lead acid accumulators.

10.Alkaline NiCd and NiMH accumulators.

11.Lithium accumulators, automotive applications.

12.Standard and quick charging.

13.Uninterruptible Power Sources

14.Applications of accumulators for independent sources.

1.Safety system and equipment of the laboratory.

2.Laboratory measurements on solar cells - explanation.

3. Comparison of V-A characteristics of different types of solar cells.

4.Temperature dependence of solar cell parameters.

5. Measurements of solar module characteristics.

6. Measurements on a solar module - dc/dc - dc/ac system.

7. Photovoltaic system design (simulation).

8.Discharging of primary cells.

9.Accumulators - measuring methods.

10.Design of the accumulator systems.

11.Charging characteristic of the accumulators.

12.Quick charging.

13.Discharging characteristics.

14. A credit.

[1] Goetberger, A., Knobloch, J. and Voss, B.: Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells. Chichester: J.Wiley & Sons. 1998

[2] Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering. Edited by A. Luque and S. Hegedus, John Wiley & Sons,2003

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