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This course deals with multimedia technology and it is focused mainly on acquisition, processing and reproduction of image information. It covers area of measurements in photometry, radiometry and colorimetry; design of objective lenses, image sensors and displays including their parameters. Further the course deals with cinematography, photography and with other special methods of image reproduction, e.g. polygraphy and digital printing techniques. Studied problems are completed with explanation of advanced methods of image processing (preprocessing, compression, image reconstruction, etc.).

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Students learn methods and principles of video caption and reproduction and video signal processing.

1. Multimedia technology and human observer, digital photography

2. Physiological and psychovisual properties of Human Visual System - structure of image processing

3. Photometry, radiometry and colorimetry

4. Optics, 2D transfer function

5. Image sensors

6. Image displays

7. Cinematography, photography

8. Methods of image preprocessing - basic operations with images

9. Image compression methods for multimedia technology

10. Image and AV formats and compression standards for multimedia and computer technology

11. Polygraphy and digital printing techniques

12. Image reconstruction methods

13. Special optical imaging systems

14. 3D systems - methods of image sensing and reproduction, holography with applications

1. Introductions, safety precautions

2. Image processing basics in Matlab - design of a test pattern

3. Transfer function (Look-Up-Table) and histogram

4. 2D convolution - filtration and edge detection

5. Interpolation methods - sensing of color images

6. Lossy image compression - JPEG, VQ

7. Image reconstruction methods - denoising

8. Pinhole as an imaging system

9. Measurement of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of a digital camera

10. Measurement of the Opto-electronic Transfer Function (OECF) of a digital camera

11. Color calibration of a production chain (digital camera, monitor, printer, projector)

12. Measurement of the spectral transmittance of photographical filters

13. Fourier optics - 2D filtration in optical path

14. Test, Assessments

[1] Gonzales, R. C. Digital image processing, Upper Saddle River : Pearson, 2002.

[2] Bovik, A. Handbook of Image and Video Processing, Elsevier Academic Press, New York, 2005.

[3] Goodman, J. W., Introduction to Fourier Optics, 3rd edition, Roberts&Company Pub., 2005.

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