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Scientific view of the world in broader relations to human knowledge, philosophy and culture. The subject motivates an interest in new and open problems and deeper philosophical connections. Racionality, mathematics, physics Space-time, gravitation. Structure and evolution of the Universe. Quantum phenomena and their philosophical aspects. Deterministic chaos, fractals. Information and entropy. Evolution, evolution of man. Technology and perspectives.

Written work of elected topic.

1. Man in the world, his problems and quastions.

2. Rational knowledge, physics as a base of modern technology.

3. Époques in physical knowledge, revolutions in concepts and approaches.

4. Connection of space and time in relativity, paradoxes.

5. Gravitation, evolution of the Universe, stars, black holes.

6. Quantum character of the microworld, structure of matter.

7. Phylosophical aspects of quantum physics, concept of reality.

8. Subnuclear particles, interactions, unification.

9. Dynamical systems, determinism and chance, chaos.

10. Fractals, mathematics, its possibilities and limitations.

11. Irreversibility, asymmetry of time, past and future.

12. On entropy and information, flows of information and energy.

13. Structures formation, possibility of life, evolution of man.

14. Science as a part of human culture, its values.

1. Recommended articles from periodicals as Vesmír, Scientific American etc.

2. Recommended popular books by Barrow, Hawking, Davies, Weinberg, Penrose, etc.

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