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This course is set up for those pre-intermediate students who wish to practise listening and speaking skills needed in technical branches. It is based on a multimedia PC course "Connections- Technical English", enriched with some knowledge and skills of business English. This course requires the participants to be at the pre-intermediate level (having finished A2 level, or attending B1 level).

Week 1 - Introduction, Unit 1 - Job information

Telephoning, Question making

Week 2 - Unit 2 - The interview

General x technical vocabulary, Indirect questions, Role play - Telephoning

Week 3 - Unit 3 - The first day at work

Work positions, Employee evaluation - listening, Reading of some letters + some useful expressions

Week 4 - Unit 4 - Starting work, meeting colleagues

Answering interview questions, Phrasal verbs

Week 5 - Unit 5 - Robots (discussing automation in production), Electronics - basic vocabulary + word forming,


Week 6 - Unit 6 - Giving instructions about managing a project

Giving instructions via a phone - listening , How car computers work - reading, Modal verbs

Week 7 - Unit 7 - Processes of technical testing

Batteries - listening, Identifying parts

Week 8 - Unit 8 - Discussing project delivery

Text and email language, Emails - writing

Week 9 - Unit 9 - Complaining about non-delivery of components + Chasing a supplier

Sound engineer - listening, Prepositions of time

Week 10 - Unit 10 - Discussing a visit to a service provider, Project completion and presentation

Describing components, circuit symbols - technical reading

Week 11 - Unit 11 - Job evaluation and completion, A job offer

Making predictions, future career discussion

Week 12 - Revision lesson, presentations

Week 13 - Final test

Week 14 - FT correction and credits

Requirements for "zápočet": A student is due to work actively during classes and work on home assignments. Missed lessons can be substituted by a short presentation (technical topic).

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