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Cvičící Dana Saláková, Michal Lucki

The art of composing written documents (papers, reports, articles, dissertations, official letters ); oral presentations, reading skills (getting both general and detailed information); the art of understanding speech in a foreign language ; selected parts of difficult grammar; selected items focused on practical skills (reading mathematical symbols and expressions, writing CV). Oral presentations.

Very good competence in English language.

PGS A2 Syllabus 2013-14
Literature: Academic Vocabulary in Use, Michael McCarthy; Felicity O´Dell; CUP
Additional materials: Cambridge Academic English,
Teacher´s own materials
W1 A Introduction into Academic Skills
L1 What is special about academic English (AE)?
L2 Key nouns + L3 Key verbs
B L4 Key adjectives + L5 Key adjectives + L6 Phrasal verbs in AE
W2 A Graphs - introduction
(Cambridge Acad.English L2+additional materials)
L27 Graphs and Diagrams + L7 Key quantifying expressions
B L25 Numbers + L24 Facts, evidence and data + L26 Statistics
W3 A Collocations L8, L10, L11
B Collocations L12, L13
W4 A Prepositions L14, L15
B Fixed expressions L16 + Reading 3
W5 A Writing applications L7
B Business letter writing
W6 A Organizing the text L45, L46
B Introduction and Motivation L31, L35
W7 A Body:
a) Definitions and Descriptions - introduction
B b) L47, L48
W8 A c) Analysis L29, L33
B d) Classify L42
e) Compare and Contrast L44
W 9 A f) Cause and Effect L30
g) Evaluation and Emphasis L49
B h) Degrees of certainty L37
i) Reporting, Statements and their support (Writing Skills -additional mat.)
W10 A j) Presenting an argument L38
k) Describing research methods L 41
W11 A Summary and Conclusion L 50
Reading 5
B CV+Cover letter (Resumé)
How to make an oral presentation I - introduction (additional materials)
W12 A How to make an oral presentation II - structure and language
B Oral presentations: Visuals, Psychology of the speech: behaviour, body language
W13 A Students´ Presentations
B Students´ Presentations
W14 A Students´ Presentations
B Students´ Presentations

S.Mc.Kay,L.Rosenthal:Writing for a Specific Purpose
De Deviti,L.Mariani,K.O.´Malley:English Grammar for Communication and Exercises
A.Atkins,I.McKean:Text to Note
E.H.Glendinning:English in Electrical Engineering and Electronic
A.Fitzpatrick:English for International Conferences

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