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Organization and energy management of company, buildings or energy systems. Energy need and consumption, energy balance. Energy characterization of aggregate, secondary energy sources. Energy audit and feasibility study, optimization of energy management of energy systems. Prices and tariffs, economy and financial analysis.

1. Course rules, entry test, basic concept, terms and definitions.
2. Introduction to the legislation and energy policy of the EU and the Czech Republic.
3. Energy need, consumption and final consumption, energy savings, temporary and unavoidable losses of energy.
4. Norms of consumption and energy calculations.
5. Economic assessment of energy savings: Strategic decision making and feasibility as a management tool (criteria of economic efficiency, CBA, Feasibility Studies and EA)
6. Tools for energy savings: Energy Audit (EA) follow-up, case studies, demonstration blind EA, Energy report (EP)
7. Certification buildings (low energy, passive houses and zero, PENB, LEED, BREEAM) ..
8. Instruments energy savings: EPC, voluntary agreements LCP, DSM, ... company energetics, ...
9. Energy Characteristics of aggregate consumption diagrams Analysis and Optimization of operating modes
10. Energy intensity of individual energy forms
11. DEZ, removable and irremovable power loss
12. Presentation of own EA
13. Presentation of own EA
14. Exam and credit.

1.Case study: Operational efficiency of small hydro power station in the company energy economy
2.Case study: Operational efficiency of photovoltaic power station in the company energy economy
3.Case study: Energy consumption in dependence on gas furnace operation
4.Case study: Energy audit of industry factory
5.Case study: Energy audit of building
6.Case study: Energy audit of housing estate
7.Case study: Heat demands in industrial company
8.Case study: Energy demand of individual energy forms
9.Case study: Energy systems operational optimization - criteria of evaluation
10.Case study: Operational optimization of cogeneration unit
11.Case study: Energy supply of housing estate
12.Case study: Methodology of energy conservation measurement design
13.Case study: Methodology of retrofit survey

1.Starý, O., Vašíček, J.: Economy evaluation of energy investments, seminary proceedings ČEZ, RAEN, 2000.
2.Trond Dahlsveen, Dušan Petráš, Jiří Hirš: Energy audit of buildings. JAGA Group, 2003.
3.Wulfinghoff D. R.: Energy Efficiency Manual. Energy Institute Press 2000.

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