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Přednášející Josef Dobeš, Karel Ulovec, Martin Bernas
Cvičící Josef Dobeš, Karel Ulovec

The aim of the subject is to give basic overview of present and perspective communication systems, mainly in relation to signal transmission and measurement. Lectures and practices make students familiar with technical principles of systems, basic conception of transmitter and receiver and measurement of these systems. Subject is focused on multimedia systems; it means systems for voice, audio, video and generally data transmission. Practices are based on laboratory measurements.

To attend all measurements, measurement results must be elaborated and checked up by teacher.

Presenting prospective digital communication systems.

1. Fundamentals of radio systems for multimedia signal transmission, technical aspects
2. Radio interface of communication system
3. Conception of transmitter and receiver
4. Blocks of communication systems and devices
5. Instruments for measurement in multimedia communication
6. Fundamentals of measurement in communication systems
7. Wireless communication systems - measurement in time and spectral domain
8. Wireless communication systems - measurement in modulation domain
9. Parameters and characteristics of blocks of communication systems and their measurements
10. Parameters and characteristics of transmitters and receivers of communication systems and their measurements
11. Terrestrial and satellite digital audio broadcasting
12. Terrestrial, cable and satellite digital video broadcasting
13. Multimedia application in digital audio and video broadcasting
14. Wireless network WLAN, Bluetooth, Wifi, WiMAX

1. Introduction to laboratory, occupational health and safety
2. Measurement on GSM
3. Measurement on DVB-T
4. Power measurement in digital communication systems
5. Spectral analysis of signal
6. Measurement on a transmitter
7. Application of phase locked loop for demodulation
8. Parameters and characteristics of FM receivers
9. Measurement of RF amplifier parameters
10. Filter design, construction and measurement
11. Analysis of signal in time domain
12. Oscillator design, construction and measurement
13. Multimedia application in digital television
14. Assessment, an alternative term of measurement

1. G.V. Vendelin, A.M.Pavio, U.L. Rohde, Microwave Circuit Design Using Linear and Nonlinear Techniques, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey 2005.
2. Y. Sun, Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems, IEE, London 2004.
3. U. Rohde, J. Whitaker, Communications Receivers, DSP, Software Radios, and Design, Third edition, McGraw-Hill 2001.
(+ http://radio.feld.cvut.cz/personal/dobes2/dobes.en.pdf (PDFs for Education))

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