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Electrical Technology from the perspective of ecology. Environmental assessment of the various types of surface protection. Environmental aspects of protective systems used in electronics. Environmental impacts of electrical production. Ekodesign proposal of the electrical product. Principles of the proposal product for a difficult operating environment. Disposal of electrical waste.

The student is required to participate in exercises and to develope a project.

Get a basic knowledge of environmentally unexceptionable technologies and the adaptation eletrical equipment in to heavy environs.

1.Industrial production and the environment
2.The ecological risks of a technological processes used in the electrical engineering
3.The environmental audit of the technological processes
4. Ecology and a quality of an electrical products
5. Ekodesign proposal of the electrical product
6. Life cycle assessment (LCA)
7. Recycling of the electrical products
8. Environmentally harmful electrical materials and their compensation
9. Plastics and composite materials from the ecological point of view
10. General principles of technological processes of surface treatments
11. Surfaces metallic and non-metallic coatings
12. Surfaces inorganic coatings
13. Coating systems and protective coatings of powdered plastic
14. The principles of the protection product to the difficult operating environment

1.Introduction into program of exercise.
2.Examples of ecological processes in an electrical technology
4.Samples of the environmentally unexceptionable preliminary work
5.Samples of the environmentally unexceptionable surface protections
7.Introduction into software SimaPro
8.Examples of the application of a temporary protection.
9.Examples of the products corresponding of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000
11.Presentation of seminary problems.
12.Presentation of seminary problems.
13.Presentation of seminary problems.

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Guinée J.,B. a coll.:Handbook on Life Cycle Assessment. Kluwer Academic Publishers, UK
Sonnemann G.,Castells F.,Schumacher M.:Integrated life-cycle and risk assesment for industrial processes. Lewis Publishers, USA

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