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The course is focused on economical aspects of design and operation of various technical systems for various energy forms. That is road, railway and ship transport of solid and liquid fuel, district heating system, cable car and convenyor belt transport for solid fuel and mainly grid for electricity (power) transport.

Fundamentals of electrical engineering, mechanics and thermodynamics, micro and macroeconomics, accounting and economic efficiency criteria of investments.

Students should be able to solve the problems of optimal design and operation of transport systems for different energy forms from economical point of view.

1.Transport systems of electricity, heat, gas, oil and coal
2.Quality parameters of supply of various forms of energy
3.Unit cost of railway, automobile and ship sort of energy transport
4.Gas pipe networks, oil pipelines, goods pipelines
5.Heating supply lines, design and optimalization of operating and development
6.Design of economical inside diameter of pipe for heating supply lines
7.Optimization of thickness of heat isolation of pipe heating networks
8.Appreciation of electricity losses
9.Economical compensation of reactive power
10.Conditions of design of electrical line cross-section
11.Optimization of operation and design of transformer station
12.Security electrical grid elements, rates and evaluation
13.Principle of design distribution grid, grid codex
14. Summary and reserve

1. Road, rail and river transport of coal - comparison of unit transport cost
2.Unit transport cost of transit gas pipeline
3.Pressure loss of hot water flow through pipe with circle cross section
4.Optimization of heat insulation for heat pipeline
5.Voltage and power losses on low, high a nd very high voltage lines, Breitfeld's method
6. Load curve, time of using maximum, time of maximum losses and load coincidence
7.Formula of the electricity marginal cost, economical cross-section
8.Economical compensation of reactive power
10.Optimal dimension of cross section of 110 kV line
11.Optimal dimension of transformers in substations
12.Reliability parameters of electricity supply
13.Enterpriceing in electricity distribution

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2.Fardo W. S., Patrick D. R.: Electrical Distribution Systems. Prentice Hall, 1999.
3.Vanek F., Albright L. D.: Energy Systems Engineering. McGraw-Hill, 2008.

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