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Přednášející Jan Macháč, Vítězslav Pankrác, Zbyněk Škvor, Lukáš Jelínek
Cvičící Jan Macháč, Vítězslav Pankrác, Zbyněk Škvor, Lukáš Jelínek

The subject is intended to present some advanced topics of classical electromagnetic field theory, especially: Electric and Magnetic vector potential; Sources of electromagnetic field; Green´s function; Multipole expansion; Energy balance; Microscopic vs. Macroscopic equations and homogenization; Reciprocity, duality and equivalence principle

Students are assumed to be familiar with classical electromagnetism within the range taught at CTU FEE on an undergraduate level.

To provide adequate insight into electromagnetics in order to enable the student to solve his dissertation.

1 Field expansion into a series of planar - cylindrical - spherical waves.
2 Electric and magnetic vector potential(s), calibration
3 Dyadic Green's function(s)
4 Multipole expansion
5 Artificial media, periodic structures and metamaterials.
6 Reciprocity, duality and equivalence

No exercises

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