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This subject will give students a basic understanding of algorithms
and programming and teach them to design, implement and test
algorithms for simple tasks. The students will understand the notion
of computational complexity. They will learn about basic program
building blocks such as loops, conditional statements, variables,
functions and recursion. We will introduce the most often used data
structures (queue, stack, list, array etc) and operations on them. We
will show the basic algorithms, for example for searching and
sorting. Finally, we will briefly cover the main programming


The goal of the course is to give students elementary knowledge of programming and algorithmization and teach them to design, implement and test programms for solving simple tasks.

1. What is an algorithm, why to study algorithms, my first algortihm,
Python, organizational remarks.
2. Basis programming structures and techniques (loops, conditional
statements). Asymptotic complexity.
3. Arrays, insertion sort. Debugging.
4. Queue and stack. Finite automaton.
5. List. Merge sort.
6. Recursion. Quick sort. Functions.
7. Numerical algorithms, numerical accuracy.
8. Priority queue, heap, heapsort.
9. Hash tables.
10. Trees.
11. Sets and association maps.
12. Graphs and graph operations. State space search. Backtracking.
13. Strings, searching and sorting.
14. Programming paradigms.

Python programming language.

Students will independently solve a number of short practical programming exercises.

Sedgewick, Wayne: Algorithms (4th Edition), 2011, ISBN 978-0321573513
Sedgewick, Wayne, Dondero: Introduction to Programming with Python: An Interdisciplinary Approach.
2015, ISBN 978-0134076430

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