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Přednášející Karel Ulovec, Josef Dobeš
Cvičící Karel Ulovec, Pavel Puričer, Josef Dobeš

The purpose of the subject is acquiring fundamental knowledge of related themes of communication and electronics. First, the students are introduced to fundamentals of communication, the most important analog and digital modulations, and basic conception of radio systems. Second, students give information about basic elements, connections, and function blocks of electronics. The last part of the subject is devoted to explication of fundamental circuits of radio engineering.

Prerequisites: none
Materials at http://radio.feld.cvut.cz/personal/dobes2/dobes.en.pdf

The goal of the subject is to acquire basic information from communications and electronics and coherences between them.

1. Fundamentals of communication, general scheme and capacity of communication system
2. Analog modulation, amplitude, frequency, and phase modulations. Spectra, energetic properties
3. Pulse modulation in baseband and on carriers. Spectra, constellation diagrams
4. Mobile communication systems, basic principles of radio navigation
5. Radio and TV systems
6. Fundamental description of transmission lines, wireless and wired data transmission, data transmission on power lines
7. Passive elements in electronics, filters, transformers
8. Active elements in electronics, fundamental circuits and function blocks with active elements
9. DC amplifiers, baseband amplifiers, radio-frequency amplifiers
10. Low- and high-frequency oscillators
11. Modulators and demodulators
12. Surge generators, classical and switched sources
13. Mixers, superhet with single and double mixing, ZIF and NZIF receivers
14. Technology and parameters of transmitters and receivers

1. Introduction to laboratory
2. Transfer of signal through a resonant amplifier working in A, AB, B, and C classes
3. Measurement on transmitter of digital terrestrial TV
4. Transmission line measurement
5. Experiment on sampling process
6. Measurement of basic parameters of radio receiver
7. Wien Bridge RC Oscillator
8. Measurement on mixer
9. Capacity of communication channel
10. Amplitude modulation - spectrum, energetic efficiency
11. Frequency modulation - spectrum, pre-emphasis & de-emphasis
12. Pulse modulation PCM/PSK on carrier, bandwidth
13. Transistor stage, power matching, method of resonance
14. Superhet - mirror signal, double mixing

1. G.V. Vendelin, A.M.Pavio, U.L. Rohde, Microwave Circuit Design Using Linear and Nonlinear Techniques, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey 2005.
2. D.K. Misra, Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communication Circuits Analysis and Design, 2001.
3. Y. Sun, Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems, IEE, London 2004.
(+ http://radio.feld.cvut.cz/personal/dobes2/dobes.en.pdf (PDFs for Education))

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