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Students become familiar with the latest trends in the field of microelectronics. The course provide students with the microelectronic structures and technologies of integrated circuits; micro sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems. The course introduces students to the design of nanoelectronics and integrated circuits.

The aim of the course is to provide students with modern trends in the field of micro and nano electronics.

1. Evolution of integrated circuits and electronic systems, Moore's Law,
2. Main architectures of microelectronic systems, levels of abstraction
3. Integrated Circuits - importance of integration, technologies and design methods
4. Design methodologies and tools (overview of design technologies and its implementation)
5. Microelectronic components (Mosfet, BJT, passive components)
6. Manufacturing processes of integrated circuits
7. Passive components and power structures in microelectronics circuits
8. On chip signal processing
9. Operation principles of integrated microsensors
10. Microsystems and MEMS (Design of Micro-electro-mechanical systems MEMS, technology, applications)
11. Nanoelectronics, basic solid state physics
12. Optical integrated circuits
13. Diagnostic and testing in electronic systems
14. Reserve

1. Introduction, Revision Test
2. Cadence Environment, Schematic, SPECTRE Simulator, Result Exports (PC Cadence)
3. Transistor based Amplifier - Technology Parameters Optimization (PC Cadence)
4. Static and Dynamic Parameters of Transistor based Amplifiers (PC Cadence)
5. Single -Stage Amplifiers CG, CD (PC Cadence)
6. Multistage Amplifiers - Parasitic Parameters Influence (PC Cadence)
7. Differential Amplifiers (PC Cadence)
8. Basic Logic Gates in CMOS Technology (INV,NAND, NOR) (PC Cadence)
9. OrCAD Environment, Schematic Editor, SPICE Simulator, Result Exports (PC OrCAD)
10. Timer Design (Astable, Bistable, Monostable Multivibrator) (PC OrCAD)
11. Timer Application - Measurement of Operating Parameters (Lab)
12. Comparator ADC Design (PC OrCAD)
13. Comparator ADC Realization and Measurement of Operating Parameters (Lab)
14. Assessment Test

P. Gray, P Hurst, s. Lewis, R. Mayer: Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, John Wiley and Sons, 2000
B. Razavi: Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, McGRAW-Hill, 2001

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