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The subject teaches how to represent the two-dimensional image in a computer, how to process it and interpret it. The first part of the subject deals with the image as with the signal without interpretation. Image acquisition, linear and nonlinear preprocessing methods and image compression will be explicated. In the second part, image segmentation and registration methods will be taught. Studied topics will be practiced on practical examples in order to obtain also practical skills.

It is expected that the student is familiar with calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics to the depth taught at FEL CVUT.

The subject teaches how to represent the two-dimensional image in a computer, how to process it and interpret it.

1. Digital image processing vs. computer vision. Role of interpretation. Objects in images. Digital image. Concepts.
2. Physical foundation of images. Image acquisition from geometric and radiometric point of view.
3. Brightness and geometric transformations, interpolation.
4. Fourier transform. Derivation of the sampling theorem. Frequency filtration of images. Image restauration.
5. Processing in the spatial domain. Convolution. Correlation. Noise filtration. Homomorphic filtration.
6. Edge detection. Multiscale image processing. Canny detector.
7. Principal component analysis. Wavelets transformation.
8. Color images and processing of color images.
9. Image compression. Video compression.
10. Mathematical morphology.
11. Image segmentation - thresholding, k-means, EM algorithm.
12. Image segmentation - mean shift, seek for the optimal graph cut.
13. Registration of images and of objects in images.

1. MATLAB. Homework 1 assignment (image acquisition).
2. Constultations. Solving the homework.
3. Constultations. Solving the homework.
4. Constultations. Solving the homework.
5. Homework 1 handover. Homework 2 assignment (Fourier transformation).
6. Constultations. Solving the homework.
7. Constultations. Solving the homework.
8. Constultations. Solving the homework.
9. Homework 2 handover. Homework 3 assignment (image segmentation).
10. Constultations. Solving the homework.
11. Constultations. Solving the homework.
12. Consultations. Homework 3 handover.
13. Written test. Presentation of several best student homeworks.

1. Šonka M., Hlaváč V., Boyle R.: Image Processing, Analysis and Machine vision, 4th edition, Thomson Learning, Toronto, Canada, 2015, 912p., ISBN-10: 1133593607.
2. Svoboda, T., Kybic, J., Hlaváč, V.: Image processing, analysis and machine vision. The MATLAB companion, Thomson Learning, Toronto, Canada, 2007.

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