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In this course you will get acquainted with basic problems and their solutions in computer graphics. The main topic of the course are graphics primitives in 2D and 3D for modeling and rendering, color models, image representations, and basic photorealistic rendering

Knowledge of basic graphics libraries (OpenGL DirectX), ability to make programs with a graphical user interface.

Students will acquire credits on the basis of term project. The extent of the exam is given by contents of lectures.

1. Raster and vector graphics, raster image, line drawing algorithms.
2. Circles, arcs, line types.
3. Hatching and filling algorithms.
4. Clipping algorithms.
5. 3D object representation, scene, camera, projections.
6. Rendering, visibility problems.
7. Colors, perception, color models.
8. Light reflection, lighting models, BRDF, textures, texture mapping.
9. Ray tracing. Global illumination.
10. Radiosity method.
11. Basic image processing methods.
12. Image compression, raster image file formats.
13. High dynamic range images.
14. Reserved.

1. Introduction to the exercises, description of homework projects
2. Selection of homework projects
3. Consultation to homework projects - literature
4. Consultation to homework projects
5. Consultation to homework projects - user interface
6. Consultation to homework projects
7. Consultation to homework projects - implementation
8. Consultation to homework projects
9. Consultations to homework projects - testing
10. Consultation to homework projects
11. Project demonstration - implementation
12. Project presentation - scientific seminar
13. Evaluation of the projects and documentation
14. Assignment

1) Foley, J., van Dam, A., Feiner, S., and Hughes, J. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, 2nd edition. Addison Wesley, 1997.

2) The OpenGL Reference Manual - The Bluebook.

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