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1. Introduction to genetics, structure, function and properties of information biomacromolecules, central dogma of molecular biology, DNA replication, transcription, and translation, genetic code, genome, transcriptome, exome, proteome.

2. Genomics; human genome, types of sequences present in it, human genome project, human gene and its structure, regulation of gene expression in human cell, epigenetics

3. Types of mutations and their origin, DNA polymorphisms; the molecular basis of genetically conditioned diseases.

4. Basic tools and techniques of molecular genetics, genetic laboratory and its equipment

5. Genetic testing, its ethical and legal issues; bioinformatics and its importance in genetics

6. Eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell and their genome. Non-cellular organisms: viruses, virusoids, viroids and prions, their significance

7. Principles of cytogenetics; structure and types of chromosomes, human karyotype, numerical and structural aberrations of chromosomes. Cytogenetic examinations and their importance, application of image analysis in cytogenetics

8. Cell cycle, its regulation and possible errors.

9. Principles of oncogenetics; tumor cell and its origin; classification of tumors; oncogenes, tumor suppressors and mutator genes, chromosomal abnormalities in tumors, hereditary cancer.

10. Meiosis and its importance; gene linkage, crossing over; oogenesis and spermatogenesis

11. Genetics in prenatal and reproductive medicine; techniques, importance, ethical and legal issues

12. Types of heredity, monogenic and multifactorial diseases, genetic counseling, its basic tasks and ethical issues.

13. Principles of immunogenetics, non-specific and specific immune mechanisms, cellular and humoral immunity, structure and function of immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies and their use in medicine

14. Gene therapy, the CRISPR-Cas genome editor

[1] Prezentations from classes (available on the MOODLE)

[2] Passarge, Eberhart: Color Atlas of Genetics. Thieme Publishers, 2017

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