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Principle, philosophy and characteristics actuator and small electrical machine used to drive native appliances, tackle, mechanic computers, recording and tape deck sound and visual techniques, servo - motors in automation engineering and in of other regions collective setting

1.Principles small electrical machine - basic mathematical terms
2.Permanent magnet in electric three sorts of - materials, print
3.Equable machinery with permanent magnet
4.General-purpose motor - construction and his using
5.Speed control and electromagnetic compatibility general-purpose motor
6.Induction motor on uniphase net, option condenser, asynchronous servo - motors
7.Equable drives for automatization - commutator pitch with self - contained winding with electric commutation
8.CU motors with strobe like wattage step PWM
9.Basic characteristics CU rate DC and EC
10.Proposal driving troop with by selection gear - box, sense organ turns and control section
11.Linear electric drive in automatization - principles and drive
12.Servos with permanent magnet, microserva and driving troop remote - controll mock - ups
13.Elektropohony in computer technology - from ventilator to disk drive
14.Mikromotory and nanomotory, piezomotory, electrostatic motors, locomotion

1.Briefing about labour protection, organization exercising - laboratories
2.Determination parameters mock - up general-purpose motor metering
3.Metering characteristics general-purpose motor
4.Metering two - phase induction motor with condenser
5.Speed control induction motor frequency transducer, harmonic analyze
6.Metering operational characteristics stepper
7.Metering on drives MAXON - setting current regulator, turns and position
8.Metering on drives MAXON characteristics start
9.Drive after interface RS- 232 and CAN - cooperation vice drives
10.Linear drive - setting orbit movement
11.Servo with permanent magnet - steeples speed control and position
12.Drive servos by the help of PLC - system - model railway
13.Drives for remote - control mock - up - microserva
14.Drive corves type LEGO MINDSTORMS - Next Mindstorms NTX - inclusion

1.Dr. Urs Kafader - Selection of high-precision microdrives CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2006 ISBN 3-9520143-4-6
2.Maxon motor ag - Magnetism - Basics, Forces, Applications CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2008 ISBN 978-3-9520143-5-6
3.Dr. Otto Stemme, Peter Wolf, - Principles and Properties of Highly Dynamic DC Miniature Motors - Interelectric AG, CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 1994
4.Francis H. Raven - Automatic Control Engineering, McGraw-Hill, Inc. ISBN 0-07-051341-4, 1995

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