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We deal with the most important persons, schools and ideas of ancient philosophy. We are concerned especially on transdisciplinary nature of philosophy and connection of old philosophical thoughts with recent problems of science, technology, economics and politics.

1. Mythical, philosophical and scientific accounts, branches of philosophy
2. The oldest philosophers - Milesian school and reductionism
3. Pythagoreans, cosmos, mathematics, music
4. Heraclitus and his world view
5. Eleatic school, problem with vacuum, Zeno paradoxes
6. Empedocles and Anaxagoras, Atomists, ancient and modern concept of atom
7. Order of necessity, and paradoxes of determinism and their solution
8. Sophists, impact of their teaching, Socrates, his live and teaching
9. Small Socratic schools
10. Plato and Platonism
11. Aristotle and his work
12. Epicurus and Epicureans
13. Stoics, morality, physics, Pyrrhonism (ancient and modern scepticism)
14. Neo-Platonism and Christian philosophy (Augustine, Boethius)

Zamarovský P., The Historical Roots of Philosophy, nakl. ČVUT Praha 2007

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