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The course deals with basics blocks of control computer for electric drive. It is also discussed the issue of discretization drive control and software and hardware resources needed for developing and debugging control program for electric drive.

Active participation on labs, presentation of own lab works

1. Electric regulated drive, electric drive control computer - system overview
2. Sampled systems
3. Digital signal processing
4. Moving from contiguous systems to discrete time systems
5. Discrete functions, differential equations
6. Z-transformation and its relation to Laplace's transformation
7. Reverse Z-transformation
8. Aliasing and its consequences
9. Digital filters
10. Digital controllers, PSD controllers
11. Digital controller design and its stability
12. Digital controller implementation, fixed and floating point calculations
13. Signal processors for drives, sw and hw support for implementation of algorithms
14. Tuning, testing, monitoring of electrical drive control programs

1. Introduction. Lab work security briefing. MPLAB IDE
2. DSP drive control unit MC1
3. Power converters MC1H a MC1L for control of induction motor or synchronous PM motor
4. C30 compiler, linker and assembler A30, modular and procedural programming
5. MPLAB C30 simulator and ICD2 emulator, program debugging inside MC1 unit
6. Three-phase PWM modulator, dead time generation
7. Induction motor scalar control, program design example, solution analysis
8. Induction motor vector control, coordinate transformation, motor model calculation, solution analysis
9. Induction motor vector control, PS controllers, modulator, solution analysis
10. BLDC motor control, program design example
11. Relative units and quantity normalization, synthesis of partial block, fixed point calculations
12. Induction motor vector control, floating point DSP for drive control
13. Vector control, summary and solution overview
14. Assesment

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