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The course follows the needs of electrical production and research. It discussed diagnostic of materials and measurements of material properties, including measurement of important parameters of production and work environment. The subject also includes testing safe function of products and evaluating the obtained data.

A student has to obtain credit before examination.

The goal of the subject is to introduce measurement and control of various parameters of electrical materials and factors affecting measurement results.

1. The system of measurement and control in a manufacturing company
2. Interaction of substances and environments
3. Importance and the main methods of obtaining material properties
4. Verification methods of electrical parameters of conducting and insulating materials
5. Methods of detection of non-electric parameters of conductive and insulating materials
6. Measurement of dielectrics - methods, causes of errors and their elimination
7. Volume and surface temperature of the body and its measurement.
8. Error minimization during temperature measurement
9. Measurement of moisture and fluids pressure
10. Measurement and control of dimensions and dimensional changes of solid materials
11. Diagnostic methods in production
12. Diagnostic methods of materials
13. Methods of experimental data processing
14. Reserve

1. Organization. Requirements. Selection and preparation of samples for measurement
2. Mechanical properties of solids
3. Effect of leads during measurement
4. Resonance measuring methods
5. Verification of the characteristics of temperature sensors
6. Temperature measurement
7. Excursion
8. Thermogravimetry
9. Fluid pressure measurement
10. Humidity measurement
11. Evaluation of optoelectronic sensors and strain gauges
12. Evaluation of inductive position sensors small distances measurement
13. Surface tension measurement
14. Evaluation, credit

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