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Power semiconductor device (diodes, BJTs, thyristors, MOSFETs and IGBTs) and integraed structures (modules). Structures, function, characteristics and parameters, Passive components of powet electronic. Connection of devices in parallel and in series.

The credit reguirements: seminar presentation, one protokol of labs and the student must obtain minimally 50 % of avaliable points in the tests.

A student are well-educated of properties of fundamental electronic devices, their application in power electronic circuits

1. Power diodes
2. Current controlled devices
3. Voltage controlled devices
4. Thyristor switching devices
5. Fast switching and RF power devices
6 . Dewice cooling and encapsulations
7. Passive components -resistors
8. Passive components -capacitors
9. Passive components -inductors and transformers
10.Distributed element circuits
11.Devices with distributed elements
12.Electromechanical devices
13.Device connection in series and in parallel
14.Electromagnetic compatibility in power electronic.

1.Safety in laboratories. Instruction about lab. measurements - group 1.
2.Instruction about lab. measurements - group 1.
3.Temperature dependence of power semiconductor devices
4. Power Amplifiers
5.Resistor and capacitors characteristics at HF
6, Semiconductor switch
7.HF coils and transformers
8.Instruction about lab. measurements - group 2.
9.Distributed parameter line
10. HF generator matching .
11 Electronic devices cooling
12.EMC evaluating
13. EMC filters
14.Evaluation of lab. reports. A credit.

Lutz J.et all: Semiconductor Power Dewices: Phisics, Charakteristics, Reliability, Springer 2011

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