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Přednášející Václav Prajzler, Vítězslav Jeřábek, Zdeněk Burian
Cvičící Václav Prajzler, Vítězslav Jeřábek, Zdeněk Burian

Students obtain practical skills with design of photonics devices and their applications in photonics systems. Students acquaint with BMP, FULL WAVE and TCAD programs. These software allowed design optics structures and devices using for controlling and distribution optical signals. Software TCAD is used for design of injection optical sources. Optoelectronic integrated circuits will be design by WINMIDE and ORCAD programes.

1.Software used for design of photonic circuits
2.Software TCAD used for design structures of lasers and detectors
3.Designed photonics waveguide structures using numerical analysis
4.Program BMP used for designed structure with planar optical waveguides
5.Design of electrooptical effect modulators
6.Design of optical waveguides and interference coupler
7.Properties of FULL WAVE program for time analysis photonics structures
8.Software WINMIDE and ORCAD used for design of optoelectronic systems
9..Design of optoelectronic receivers
10.Design of optoelectronic transmitters
11..Planar and fiber optical amplifiers
12.Planar and fiber structures with Bragg gratings and their applications
13.The planar and fiber optical sensors
14.The optical communication systems-attenuation, dispersion and noise

1.Design the structures with PN,PIN and APD photodiodes.
2.Design the structures with LED or FP,DBR, and DFB lasers
3.Optical planar waveguides design by BMP software
4..Construction of Mach-Zehender interferometer
5.Optioelectronic transmiitters design and stability of the system
6.Optoelectronic receivers design and responzitivity of the system
7. Design of demultiplexor WDM transmittion system
8. Design of optical transmittion system 9..Mesurement of semiconductor detectores responzitivity
10..Mesurement of Mach-Zehender interferometer
12.Measurement on optical amplyfiers
11.Measurement of optical WDM system properties
14.Running assessment

1.H.Nishihara, M.Haruna: Optical Integrated Circuits, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1987
2.Ch.L. Chen: Elements of Optoelectronics&Fiber Optics, IRWIN, 1996
3.M.J. Adams: An Introduction to Optical Waveguides, J.Wiley&Sons Ltd., Toronto, 1981

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