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The course contains the fundamental theories of high voltage engineering with respect to application in electrical power engineering. The knowledge of high voltage generators, measurement technique of high voltages and currents, properties of insulation systems, diagnostics methods and electrical discharges and their elimination. The practical laboratory exercises in high voltage laboratory are included.

Condition for obtaining assessment is participation in seminars and semester thesis elaboration. Passing the exam is given by the Study and Examination Code for Students of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

1. Generation of High Voltages
2. Measurement of High Voltages
3. High Voltage Tests and Evaluation
4. Electrical Breakdown in Gases
5. Electrical Breakdown in Solids and Liquids
6. Surface Discharges and Partial Discharges in Insulation Systems
7. Non-destructive Diagnostic methods
8. Insulators for High and Extra High voltages
9. Design and Construction of High Voltage Devices
10. Influence of Pollution and Atmospheric Condition to Dielectric Strength
11. Overvoltage, Surge Arresters and Insulation Coordination
12. Lightning Protection Systems
13. Transients Phenomena in Transformer Winding and Rotating Machines
14. Reserve

[1] Kuffel, E., Zaengl, W. S.: High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals, Second Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000
[2] Hauschild, W., Lemke, E.: High - Voltage Test and Measuring Techniques, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2014

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