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This subject introduces the basic issues of intellectual property (IP) protection. Students learn why it is necessary to protect research results, how they can protect their own technical solutions and designs, how to obtain a trademark and also how to succeed with IP protection at the international level. The course also deals with license granting procedures for particular protection methods as part of a standard way of commercializing original IP. Emphasis is put on quality methodology for database searching, which is key for successful research and development projects. Motto: Those who do not protect the results of their research work can never dream of being on par with the best...

1. Introduction
2. Basics
3. Protecting technical solutions
4. Protecting designs
5. Protecting trademarks
6. Registering IP rights abroad
7. Classification systems
8. Database searching ? sources of information concerning IP rights
9. Database searching
10. Intellectual property agreements
11. Asserting intellectual property rights
12. Database searching
13. Videolesson
14. Test


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