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The guidelines were worked out based on The Training Scheme for Health and Occupational Safety designed for employees and students of the Czech Technical University in Prague, which was provided by the Rector´s Office of the CTU. Safety is considered one of the basic duties of all employees and students. The knowledge of Health and Occupational Safety regulations forms an integral and permanent part of qualification requirements. This program is obligatory.

Mandatory attendance at lecture and seminar.

Legal basis for health and occupational safety. Duties of the employer. Duties and rights of the employee. Decree of Czech Occupational safety office. Safety work with electrical equipment. Accident at work, recording and registration, indemnification. Working conditions of woman and juveniles. Security at work with computers. First aid treatment ? traumatological plan. Fire prevention. Emergency calls.

Safety regulations in laboratories of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. First aid treatment of the electric shock ? automatic external defibrillator at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Discussion ? the training scheme for health and occupational safety. Basic occupational safety and health training record. Assessment.

1. Kůla , Kříž: Introduction to Eelectrical Engineering, ČVUT, Prague, 2011.
2. http://bezpecnost.feld.cvut.cz/

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