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In this course, students will be introduced to the problems of locomotive organs diseases and musculoskeletal pain in the first seven lectures. Great space is devoted to electrotherapeutic methods, therapeutic ultrasound and phototherapy. Furthermore, advanced neurorehabilitation methods, especially transcranial brain stimulation methods (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain - rTMS, transcranial electrical stimulation of the brain - tDCS and electroconvulsive therapy - ECT) are discussed.
In the second half of the semester, attention is paid to the possibilities of using ionizing electromagnetic fields in medical diagnostics and therapy (eg X-ray, proton therapy, radiotherapy, etc.).

During the semester, students prepare homework and pass written tests. The exam consists of written and oral form.

The aim of the study is to acquaint with basic physical therapies, which are used in the treatment of locomotive organs, especially in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Furthermore, the introduction and possibilities of using ionizing electromagnetic field in medical diagnostics and therapy.

1. Introduction, utilization of electromagnetic field in physical therapy.
2. Physical Therapy? basic mechanisms of action, indications and contraindications.
3. Electrodynamics of nf currents.
4. Electrotherapy of RF currents and RF heating in physiotherapy.
5. Phototherapy.
6. Mechanotherapy, medical ultrasound.
7. New methods in medical rehabilitation and prosthetics, motors in health care.
8. Utilization of ionizing EM radiation in medical diagnostics and therapy.
9. Radiotherapy.
10. Proton therapy.
11. Computing systems for radiotherapy planning.
12. Radiotherapy simulators.
13. X-ray and cobalt irradiators.
14. Combination of radiotherapy with chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hyperthermia.

1. Introduction, familiarization with laboratory rules, work safety
2. Electrotherapy - measurement on electrotherapeutic device NEUROTON 926
3. Magnetotherapy - measurement of magnetotherapeutic devices
4. Therapeutic ultrasound - measurement on therapeutic ultrasound device SONOSTAT
5. Phototherapy - measurement of spectral characteristics of different light sources
6. Motomed Measurement
7. First credit test
8. to 13. Ionizing radiation - laboratory exercises and excursions to specialized workplaces
14. Second credit test

[1] Watson, T.: Electrotherapy: evidence-based practice, 12e (Physiotherapy Essentials). Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier. 2008.

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