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Solids, bonds between atoms and ions, reciprocal lattice, crystallography, geometry of perfect crystal, imperfections in crystals, point defects, dislocations, surface, energy bands, thermal vibrations, thermal properties of solids, phonons, metals, Fermi gas, Fermi surface, electrical properties of dielectrics, ferroelectrics, optical properties of crystals, quasiparticles, semiconductors - their properties and usage, magnatical properties of solids, quantum mechanics in solid state phasics, low temperatures, experimental methods in solid state physics.

1. The general nature of solids, condensed state
2. The geometry of perfect crystals and their determination
3. Observed crystal structures
4. Imperfections in crystals
5. Electronic states in solids, energy bands
6. Thermal vibrations and heat capacity, phonons
7. Metals, Fermi gas of free electrons in a metal, Fermi surface
8. Dielectric behavior, polarization and related effects
9. Optical properties of solids, quasiparticles
10. The physical properties of semiconductors
11. Magnetic properties of solids, domain structure
12. (A seminar: students discuss their own theses)
13. Methods of solid state physics, low temperatures etc.

Ch. Kittel: Solid state physics. J.Wiley@Sons, Inc. 1976

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