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Students will be introduced into the advanced topics of engineering magnetism and in up-to-date in design and development of magnetic materials. The details will be modified according to the students´ orientation.

Mathematics and physics on engineering level

Student will be introduced into the advanced topics of engineering magnetism, mainly magnetic measurements and magnetic design.

1. Advances in magnetic materials 1: permanent magnets, nanocrystalline and amorphous soft magnetic materials
2. Advances in magnetic materials 2: thin films, nanowires
3. Deposition technologies, annealing
4. NMR, ESR and applications
5. superconductivity, SQUID, applications
6. Magnetic sensors
7. FEM design: basics and 2D
8. FEM design: 3D
9. Superconducting magnetometer and VSM
10. Mössbauer spectroscopy
11. Domains and domain imaging - introduction
12. Kerr microscopy
13. Applications in geophysics, navigation
14. Discussion

Concentrated sessions and technical visits to magnetic laboratories.
Typical programme:
1. Conventional characterisation techniques: DC
2. SQUID magnetometer
3. Deposition and annealing
4. Fluxgate sensor
5. Calibration techniques
6. FEM design 2D
7. FEM design 3D
8. FEM design 3D: individual work
9. AC measurement techniques
10. Kerr microscopy
11.Field prospection by proton and Overhauser magnetometers
12. Mine locators
13. Field trip to magnetic observatory
14. Reserve

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1. Alex Hubert, Rudolf Schäfer: Magnetic Domains: The Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures, Springer 2014
2. S. Tumanski: Handbook of Magnetic Measurements, CRC 2011
3. F. Fiorillo: Characterization and Measurement of Magnetic Materials, Elsevier 2004

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