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This course will provide you with a basic knowledge of plasma physics and of its applications.
Plasma definition. Main plasma characteristics. Collisions of charged particles. Fluid model.. Magneto-hydrodynamics. Aplications.

1. Written report dealing with a particular problem.
2. Sufficent knowledge of plasma physics within the extent of lectures.

The objectives of the programme are to improve students understanding of basic plasma physics phenomena in context with electrical discharges for environmental and medical applications, surface or food treatment.

1. Definition of a plasma, Debye length, plasma parameter, plasma frequency.
2. Classification of plasmas, the n-T diagram, applications.
3. Motion of charged particles in uniform and stationary fields.
4. Motion of charged particles in non-uniform fields, magnetic mirrors.
5. Motion of charged particles in non-stationary fields.
6. Relative dielectric constant, dielectric tensor.
7. Plasmas as fluids, fluid equations.
8. Diffusion, mobility, ambipolar diffusion.
9. Diffusion across magnetic field. Collisions in fully ionized plasmas.
10. Role of collisions on diffusion in magnetic field. Plasma resistivity.
11. Magnetohydrodynamic description of plasmas,diffusion in fully ionized plasma.
12. Introduction to kinetic theory, Boltmann-Vlasov equation.
13. Connections to fluid theories, velocity moments of the Boltzmann-Vlasov equation.

No exercises.

1. F.F. Chen, Introduction to Plasma Physics, Plenum Press, New York, 1974
2. R.J.Galdston, P.H.Rutherford, Introduction to Plasma Physics, IOP Bristol, 1995
3. A. Fridman, L.A. Kennedy, Plasma Physics and Engineering, Taylor&Francis, New York, 2004

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