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The content of the course are knowledge of new principles of operation of components and systems with micro-dimensions, microsystems, microsensors and microactuators usable in biomedicine, microsurgery, etc.

The course points to new possibilities of implementation and application of integrated microcomponents working with various physical and biochemical principles and quantities using mainly MEMS technology.

Physical principles of operation of microsystems and microactuators, classification, parameters, design, integration, signal processing, linearization, calibration, system intelligence, applications of microactuators (electrostatic, piezoelectric, thermal, chemical and biochemical, optical, ..).

The course introduces modern solutions in biomedicine, action elements in conjunction with sensors, whose operation is based on basic physical and biochemical principles, including basic applications in micromanipulation, microrobots. The course presents the principles of touch screens, energy microgenerators.

New knowledge about the current and future development of microsystems (on a chip), electrical and non-electrical action systems, the use of basic physical phenomena for medical applications, but also in other fields, in the implementation of miniature sources of electricity (Energy harvesting).

1. Basic physical phenomena used for the operation of micro and nanosystems and sensors

2. Parameters of micro / nanosensors and micro / nanoactuators

3. Temperature microsensors - integrated, contact and contactless, thermal imagers, etc.

4. Radiation microsensors

5. Tactile sensors and touch screens

6. Biosensors with a focus on electronic methods

7. SMART micro / nanosensors

8. Electrostatic principle for use in micro and nanomanipulators

9. Piezoelectric and thermal principle for microaction members

10. Chemical biochemical microaction principles

11. Microsystems for biochemical analysis - Lab-on-chip, microspectrometer, microchromatograph, etc.

12. Nanotechnological materials - from graphite to graphene and applications in sensors

13. Nanotechnologies and applications for nanosystems and nanosensors

14. Micro / nanosensors and wireless actuators with autonomous power supply

1. Introductory exercises - safety, semester projects, instructions

2. Introduction to FEM and Ansys

3. Simulation of the Thermal Actuator in Ansys Workbench

4. Ansys - Thermoelectric generator, Peltier cell

5. Ansys - Strain gauge

6. Dimatix - printer

7. Coventor - electrostatic varactor

8. Linear piezoelectric motor PiezoLEGS File, Power supply of microsystems by magnetic field File, Non-contact temperature measurement - sensor, Emissivity measurement using a thermal camera

9. Energy harvesting - module EH300, Energy harvesting - Piezoharvester I, Energy harvesting - Piezoharvester II

10. Thermoelectric generators, Power supply of microsystems by magnetic field

11. Android system for displaying measured data from microsensors and LabView

12. Multi-pass solar microcell cell for concentrated photovoltaics

13. Presentation of semester works

14. Substitute measurement, credit

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