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The aim is to gain knowledge of heat transfer, physical similarity theory, mathematical models frequently used components of energy systems (heat exchangers, heat pumps, thermal storage tanks, air treatment equipment). Are discussed mathematical models of induction and arc of electro-thermal equipment.

Condition for obtaining assessment is participation in seminars and semester thesis elaboration. Passing the exam is given by the Study and Examination Code for Students of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

1. Heat transfer: an overview of basic principles.

2. Fourier-Kirchhoff equation, derivation, limits of the usage.

3. Physical similarity theory, Fourier and Nusselt number.

4. Determination of convection heat transfer coefficient in forced convection.

5. Determination of convection heat transfer coefficient in free and transient convection.

6. Heat exchangers, derivation of equations, use, basic types.

7. Heat exchangers examples from practice.

8. Heat pumps, principle, equations, basic types.

9. Heat pumps, determination of seasonal COP.

10. Fundamentals of humid air thermodynamics, enthalpy diagram.

11. Thermal comfort.

12. Mathematical model of induction heating, cylindrical waves.

13. Mathematical model of dielectric heating systems.

14. Sources for induction and dielectric heating.

PREF. BY JEAN LUCAS. Induction, conduction électrique dans l'industrie. Paris: Centre Français de l'Électricité [u.a.], 1996. ISBN 2869950225.

John H. Leinhard IV, John H. Leinhard V: A Heat Transfer Textbook, http://web.mit.edu/lienhard/www/ahtt.html

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