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Fundamentals of financing of power companies. Cost structure of power generation and distribution. Prices and tariff systems for power, heat and gas production and distribution. Examples of economic evaluation and investment appraisal of the typical project in power sector. Renewable energy sources, externalities. Energy policy and energy law in CR. Liberalization and power market development.

1.Types of business enterprise at power sector in CR.
2.Revenues, costs, profit.
3.Accounting statements - balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow.
4.Criterion of evaluation of investment at the power systems.
5.Cost of productions of electrical energy, marginal costs.
6.Cost of transmission and distribution of electrical energy.
7.Economic evaluation of energy saving and heating.
8.Regulation of power sector, methods price regulation
9.Prices and cost at the power systems, tariff systems.
10.Problems of electricity market, producer and customer.
11.Ecology and Power industry, Renewable energy sousrces
12.Heats, structure of industry, costing and pricing
13.Energy policy in Czech republic, and the economical consequences.

1.Business enterprises at power sector at the Czech Republic.
2.Cost structure at power systems, accounting at power systems - examples.
3.Balance sheet and profit and loss account, cash flow statement.
4.Financing sources for power sector and their evaluation.
5.Evaluation techniques of investments.
6.Evaluation of investment at the power systems - examples.
7.Marginal cost of different power stations.
8.Costs of distribution of electrical energy.
9.Economical evaluation of energy saving equipments, energy auditing.
10.Renewable energy sources - economic evaluation.
12.Economical evaluation of cogeneration.
13.Financial analysis of power companies.

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