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The subject teaches principles allowing to build/explore robots perceiving surrounding world and understanding activities in it including the abilities to modify it. Various architectures of robots with cognitive abilities and their realizations will be explained. Students will experiment with cognitive robots in practical assignments. Studied material is applicable more widely while building intelligent machines.

1. Robotics, motivation, the manipulator in industry.
2. Autonomous robot. Robots for manipulation. Mobile robots.
3. Robot with a camera. Geometry of the single camera and its calibration. Homography.
4. Depth from images and other sensors. Use of depth maps.
5. Autonomous robot, modules/tasks, representation of robot world, configuration space.
6. Architectures of autonomous robots (deliberative, reactive, hybrid).
7. Trajectory of a manipulator/mobile robot and its calculation..
8. Robot path planning, deterministic methods.
9. Robot path planning, probabilistic methods.
10. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).
11. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), continuation.
12. Force compliant robot. Tactile feedback in robotics.
13. Manipulation tasks. Grippers.
14. Humanoid robots.

Exercises: laboratory tasks with autonomous robots (with robots from research projects, with the iRobot Create building set). Students will acquire datasets using robots, will solve three tasks and will demonstrate them on the robots.

1. Siciliano, Bruno and Sciavicco, Lorenzo and Villani, Luigi and Oriolo, Giuseppe: Robotics, Modelling,
Planning and Control, Springer 2009
2. Fahimi, F.: Autonomous Robots: Modeling, Path Planning, and Control, Springer 2009

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